Mike Wexler

drums & percussion

Performing "I Need Nothing Else" with the great Sophie B. Hawkins at The Stanhope House in New Jersey in December 2012.

Everything Is Everywhere performing "When You See It" at Puck in March 2014.

Performing "Reaching Out" with Tim Butler and his band at Puck in October 2011.

From a recording session at Hopetown Sound in November 2009 where some of the area's finest musicians gathered to record a few songs for the holidays.  Here is a cover of The Kinks' "Father Christmas" with Stephan Hayes, Bobby Cerruti, Donna Pfeiffer, and Amber Penniston.

A performance of "Flower In The Sun" by Mike Pfeiffer & The Associates at Puck from 2009.

Another performance with Sophie B. Hawkins where she's channeling the legendary Janis Joplin's "Piece Of My Heart" during a show at the Iridium in NYC in March 2012.

A live in-studio performance of "That's The Way You Want Me To Be" with Tim Butler when we appeared on The 10! Show on NBC10 in Philadelphia.

Backing the great Stephan Hayes performing "The Flowers" at Puck in 2010.

Performing "Sea Song" with Winston's Dog, which I was fortunate to be a member of for over seven years, at Doc Watson's in Philly in 2009